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Golden Triangle Tour is a perfect group of destinations among foreign travelers who go to India and moreover to the natives. New Delhi is the capital of the Republic of India and the seat of the legislature of Delhi's National Capital Territory. It is the largest and second largest metropolis of the nation. Golden Triangle Tour Packages


Agra, otherwise called the city of Taj Mahal, which is a piece of the giant state of Uttar Pradesh. Taj Mahal - "the enclosure of worship" and "a landmark of unlimited excellence" that graces it with its presence. Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan, a state in northwest India. Rajasthan is the largest state in the nation and is called the land of kings. Jaipur is often called the Pink City.

Golden Triangle Tour is one of India's most interesting travel circuits. It is located in northern India and distributes three registered urban communities as destinations. Destinations secured by a brilliant triangle visit include Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. The golden triangle is called in view of the triangular shape framed by the areas of New Delhi, Agra and Rajasthan in a guide. Rajasthan with Agra Tour, Delhi Agra Jaipur Luxury Tour

Reach New Delhi On Day 1

Upon landing at New Delhi Airport / Railway Station you will be acquired and exchanged to your hostel. Half day tour of Old Delhi, which includes the Red Fort, Chandni Chowk & Jama Masjid, India Gate and the great places.

Reach Delhi - Agra On Day 2

After breakfast drive to Agra, landing roads at your inn. In the evening you can visit the Agra Fort. Agra's checkered and elevated red sandstone station is on the banks of the Yamuna River and the development has begun by Emperor Akbar. Same Day Agra Tour By Car

Visit Agra - Jaipur through Fatehpur Sikri

After breakfast driving to Jaipur, Enate passes through Fatehpur Sikri a fully protected red sandstone "Phantom Town", which was the irritated capital of Mughal sovereign Akbar. On your landing to the busy Pink City of India weighs in your hostel. Time free for relaxation. This is the most important city on the planet that symbolizes the nine divisions of the universe through the nine rectangular segments that subdivide. Delhi Jaipur and Agra with Fatehpur Sikri Tour

Reach Jaipur:

Morning trip through: - Amber Fort: 11 Kms. Van Jaipur - a sublime case of Rajput construction technology with its patios and defense in the Mata Lake below. The climb to the fort is on happy caparisoned elephants. The fortress has several imperial lobbies designed with diligent ivory work, beautiful divider cloths and small reflective discs, which cause an attractive reflection impact. To the evening trips by: - ​​Jaipur City: - City Palace Museum - a compelling mix of traditional Rajasthani and Mughal Art. Agra Bharatpur Tour Package

Visit Jaipur - Delhi

After a quiet breakfast drive to the capital of Delhi. Upon landing, you will be exchanged to the airport station / train station to retrieve / return home.  Delhi Sightseeing Tour by Car

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